Canoe/Kayak/SUP Rentals

(Mother's Day Weekend up to and including Thanksgiving Day Long Weekend)


The Colours Of Wawautosa’s Rentals are;
Firestorm, Mahogany and Stormy Sky.

DESCRIPTION: The NOOTKA is a great new paddling experience. This board is broad and stable with very clean lines. Whether you are just playing around or want to explore your lake, you will love this stand up paddleboard.

– Length = 12′
– Width = 31″
– Weight = 55 lbs
– Capacity = 300 lbs
– molded hand hold at center for ease of carrying
– extremely durable molded fins
– recessed hand hold on underside at bow
– drain plug

Kawartha Canoe

The Colours Of Wawautosa’s Rentals are;
Green and Sky.

DESCRIPTION: The KAWARTHA is an excellent family canoe with a versatile design that is at home on lakes and rivers. This model has a slightly rounded bottom and no keel. The entry and exit lines are blunt and ride up well on waves.

– Length = 16′
– Width = 34″
– Weight = 69 lbs
– Capacity = 750 lbs
– Multi-layer linear polyethylene hull
– Maintenance free PVC gunwales
– Polyethylene end caps with integrated handles
– Webbed ash seats
– Contoured carry yolk
– Ash Thwart

a_muskoka (2)

The Colour Of Wawautosa’s Rentals are;
Inuvik in Red (Top Photo) and Muskoka in Sky (Bottom Photo)

DESCRIPTION: (Top Photo) – The INUVIK is a broad, extremely stable kayak with a very large cockpit opening. It is perfect for large loads or rough water. The oversized cockpit opening make entry/exit very easy.

– Length = 13’
– Width = 28”
– Weight = 49 lbs
– Capacity = 350 lbs
– Cockpit Size = 51” x 18”

– padded seat with pump up lumbar support
– adjustable footstops
– minicell foam bulkhead
– 1 storage compartment
– deck rigging
– carry handles


DESCRIPTION: (Bottom Photo) – The MUSKOKA is a recreational-day touring crossover kayak.  It is stable and compact like a recreational kayak but fast and sleek like a touring model.  The cockpit area is very spacious offering lots of leg room.
The Muskoka is a great choice if you are looking for something sporty, small and light..


– Length: 11’8”
– Width: 26”
– Cockpit: 32” x 16”
– Capacity: 275 lbs

– padded seat with pump up lumbar support
– adjustable footstops
– minicell foam bulkhead
– 2 storage compartments
– integrated paddle rest
– deck rigging
– self rescue straps
– carry handles